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Beck's Odd Analogy

Posted by betometro on September 20, 2010 at 7:39 PM

So Beck has compared abortion to slavery ergo blacks to fetuses hence I twitlonger in response... I had no idea that someone was actually forcing slaveowners by law, against their will and better judgment to own the bodies, lives and issue of those slaves in perpetuity lest he be smitten. THERE IS NO COMPARISON worthy of intelligent debate to be made here. Slaves were sold into bondage to extract the bounty for profit from a stolen land and exploited until death. Even after the incoming shipment of slaves was outlawed in 1808, slaves were still being imported like plows, wagons and bicycles - (OK, cattle, mules and oxen) for sixty years. Holding one against the other as a means of making a petty political point is folly, madness and truly dangerous - Slavery was a crime against all humanity! Against living human beings their ancestors and their descendants. Abortion is at worst a matter of personal conscience between the woman in question, her mate and at variance with whatever notion of an 'after-death' loving or vengeful God in which she happens to believe. Even if she believes in NO God, no man should tell her HIS God forces her hand. Zealots, carnival barkers and side show scam artists notwithstanding. It is her choice alone - Beto

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