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Posted by betometro on September 20, 2010 at 7:34 PM

We ALL knew from word go that TP extremists were in fact rejiggered republicans and that they'll follow the elephant with the biggest dung trail in any event. This election is not a referendum on anything other than vapid conventional thought, which your chosen pundits purvades by the ton. This election is only about one simple idea - Whoever gets the most voters to the polls (not to the pollsters) wins. If #dems can't get their voters out then they lose. If the other side says they've got a plan to move the earth further away from the sun to cancel climate change, they'll still only command the same 31% of the electorate. Motivated by the fear they refuse to name, they need no encouragement. We're moving foreward and they're attempting to nullify election 2008 and take us back to the 30's. It's 2010 tell them they're wrong, wrong, wrong! Game the theory out and give them no room for confidence - Beto

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