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Posted by betometro on February 7, 2011 at 1:40 AM
Enmity, Enemies and Semantical Integrity
by Beto Mertro Dos
27 November 2010 Santa Ana, CA

So Republicans are all upset that the Pres. has called them 'enemies' in the current political climate as if it were indelicate, inaccurate or even inappropriate. Isn't that what someone who holds relentless, unabashed, implacable enmity towards another is rightfully called? They are, for absence of a better term, this man's ENEMIES - his sworn enemies who desire nothing other than his failure and removal from office. Only a fool would believe that the GOP hold nothing but contempt for this President.
No force can mediate the gulf of animosity that they have repeatedly demonstrated toward the man, his policies, his words and even his birth. They will of course vehemently deny that it is on account of his race, it is only of side benefit that he is of African ancestry.
This weekend on a CSPAN program entitled "Civility in Public Discourse" Monica Crowley, seemingly oblivious to the endless cackling of paranoid right-wing talkers accusing this President of everything from being foreign born, having communist sympathies and (at the same time) fascist tendencies, running secret detention facilities for rebellious white citizens, could only cite this one word and protesters calling GWB a war criminal (which he recently admitted being) as indicative of the deterioration of 'civility' as she sees it. If she had horns, utters, chewed cud and calved in the field, it would then be appropriate to call her a cow, truth would be an absolute defense and all the protestations of those who claim to be offended by it, would appear to be as foolish as they should in this current case.
But why is it even an issue that this President has clearly and correctly identified the opposition (and those who conduct themselves as such) as his own - our own - manifest enemies? Those who should be righteously outraged by even the insinuation of comity among the contending political classes of the day, under such conditions, have abdicated truth for expediency and permitted the perennial aggressors to feign insult and injury for the sake of 'civility'.
Some Democrats and many 'progressives' seem equally invested in this President's failure to rectify the floundering economy, re-establish a functional rule of law and rein in the imperial dogs of war let loose by the previous Head of State. Though for different reasons, they are in concert denigrating this man's sincerity, ability and prospective legacy to preclude the possibility of a second term in office. Even though they have not been read into, and therefore cannot possibly conceive of what 'National Security Protocols' really entails or what real choices exist on the table for consideration. For those on the right, he's too strident - making radical adjustments to the national posture and distorting the 'American Exceptionalist' paradigm. For those on the left, he's a milquetoast bojangles-like caricature unworthy of the mantle thrust upon 'real' historic civil rights giants who were willing to die for meager morsels of progress - and this solely because he has not done anything yet to provoke the sniper's ire, attention, and deadly devotion.
Those who are frustrating any resolution to the common difficulties that we collectively face are not only this President's enemies, but they are yours, mine, and even their own very worst enemies and they don't realize exactly what's at stake. They should not be hailed or spoken of as being thoughtful, clever or beneficial to any particular party, entity or community of interest in this country today. They are the bitter remnants of times where congenial disputes between the ruling elite drew only lines between themselves and the outlandish rabble they were ostensibly elected to represent so as to maintain their own place in the hierarchy of personal relevancy; disputes exclusively among wealthy white men for the sake of preserving the exclusivity of white men's wealth and for the conventional legislative subjection of all others to them.
The bold struggle then was to expand the prospects of democracy and include as citizens others in the national patrimony being precluded by no statutory authority among free people. The truly heroic among us now - in this current age - are cast in the unlikely role of having to advise pragmatism, recommend patience and preach restraint of action because 'progress' is achieved step by miniscule step if ever at all. At times gaining, losing and then regaining lost ground. Set against this model of true progress are those who resist by throwing their lot in with others who are reticent to any change - large or small, or those who are so ambitious for such great leaps and bounds in policy that its shear scale outweighs its practicality. They are the dastardly, deviant and devilish below who chant "Jump! Jump!, Jump!" to the man leaning out the window trying to rescue the wayward baby on the ledge which they themselves cannot see. One wonders if they would still beg destruction of the child if they only knew he was out there crawling toward oblivion and how close he was to the edge. - Beto

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